Belly Dance Basics Class Outline
By Sherezzah - Delray Beach, Florida, USA

(Editor's Note: This is a suggested class outline for general use, generously supplied by Sherezzah (Thank you)! It is not in anyway 'official' or definitive, so add or delete what you will. If you have an independently developed outline you'd like to contribute, please let me know --Stefan)

Basics Outline (not in chronological order, see end comments):

I start out all classes with basic posture, of course. I also teach a simple choreography, and depending on which choreography I choose, the students may learn steps in addition to these. I also include a session on finger cymbal basics, and the choreography I teach usually includes finger cymbals. I don't usually teach veil or floor work until intermediate classes.

Also note that the list here is sequenced by body part (more or less), which is not the same as the sequence that I teach the movements in. I teach (more or less) by shape, with the linear movements together, the circular movements together, the figure-8-ish movements together, the shimmies together, etc.

-- Sherezzah

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