Beginning Middle Eastern Dance Class Outline
By Rabiah Banu - Fairbanks, AK

(Editor's Note: This is a suggested class outline for general use, generously supplied on request by Rabiah (Thank you)! It is not in anyway 'official' or definitive, so add or delete what you will, but this is pretty good. If you have an independently developed outline you'd like to contribute, please let me know --Stefan)

Beginner Outline:

I tend to strongly emphasize the correct stance in all of my classes. I find that the bent kneed posture seems to be the hardest thing for beginners to learn and it affects all the other movements. I just started learning how to play the doumbec last December. This is the first class I have incorporated simple doumbec instruction into. My students have indicated that it helps their zill playing when they can listen to a clear drumbeat. This year I will be teaching them how to play the drum as well as zill.

I hope this helps.

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